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Yellowstone buffalo
Baby bearsWildlife Tours in Yellowstone

Wildlife Tours in Yellowstone

Inside or just outside Yellowstone's boundaries

The wildlife watching in Yellowstone is unlike anywhere in the world. Wildlife tours are the best way to see the wildlife you would like to see.  For this tour we will explore the northern range and Lamar Valley focused on finding bears and wolves.
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Yellowstone in the WinterXC Ski and Snowshoe

XC Ski and Snowshoe

Let's get it going

Nomadic winter tours are our favorite activity. Join us on an XC skiing or snowshoeing expedition into the unseen lands throughout Yellowstone National Park.
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Learn about wildlife while spotting with a scopeYellowstone Hiking Tours

Yellowstone Hiking Tours

We hike and run in the winter too

We offer four types of guided hiking tours through Yellowstone—a day hike, a long day hike, a hard hike, and a hike for pets. We’ll hike at your pace. With the exception of the hard hike, we will take our time and relax. Call for specifics regarding running or hiking in the winter. We do it
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The Montana Yellowstone Tours Tour VanCustom Tours

Custom Tours in Yellowstone

Where would you like to explore?

We offer custom hikes and guided tours throughout the park to serve everyone’s needs. If the tour we put together is outside the "normal" routine, we'll call it a custom tour! 
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GMC YukonShuttle Ride-When the dog is available

Shuttle Ride-When the dog is available

No not the space shuttle but work with the team at Montana Yellowstone Tours to arrive on location safely and on time.  
GMC Yukon seats the driver plus 7.  Dog doesn't drive, but is one of our favorite passengers!
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