Update Sept 24, 2022.

Until October 15, visitors need a guide to enter Yellowstone from Gardiner. You are welcome to call us with questions about enjoying the area even if you're not booking a tour
Yellowstone Bison
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The Current Status of Yellowstone National Park

Important Resources

Find the most up to date information about Yellowstone National Park below.
NPS Conditions Tracker & Road Report
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Resources From Montana Yellowstone Tours
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Montana Yellowstone Tours Adjusted Services

Montana Yellowstone Tours has adjusted our services to adapt to the recent natural disaster and to benefit the Gardiner, MT community.

Adjustments to Our Hiking & Wildlife Tours
We will be touring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem until the access road into the park opens, which could be very soon!

Our New Services 
Montana Yellowstone Tours is now offering the following additional services:
  • Hiking Tours Outside of Yellowstone
  • Custom Services
  • Point-to-Point Shuttle
  • Night Photography Tours

We sincerely hope that our new services will benefit the Gardiner community by making valuable transportation resources and more diverse reasons for tourism not explicitly tied to Yellowstone National Park available. 

Please visit our booking page or call (406) 220-9744 to schedule shuttle/taxi services or night photography.
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Explore the Magnificent Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Whether you desire to see Yellowstone’s wildlife, explore it’s geysers and hot springs, or safely enjoy a hike, Montana Yellowstone, Private Tours and Hikes can be your guide.  Based out of Gardiner, MT we offer guided hikes and adventures in different areas in the park with flexible meeting locations.  

In addition to Yellowstone tours, we also have guiding permits to explore areas just outside the park boundaries. This means we can include dogs on hikes! Our priority is to choose areas of the park that are safe to explore based on recent knowledge of wildlife locations. Finally, ask us about dinner or breakfast options—on occasion we can cook up a trail side feast for your private tour group!  

Come join us in beautiful Yellowstone in safety, and with great food.

Tour in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Our Yellowstone Tour Options

From Geyser Gazing Guided Hikes to Wildlife Watching Tours 

Montana Yellowstone Tours offers guided adventures into Yellowstone that cater to any situation—from solo hikers to families. More adventurous groups can take either a Day hike or Long day hike into Yellowstone. We even offer private, guided hikes along Yellowstone’s outskirts that cater to families with furrier members. 

To book a tour, head to our ‘Tour Services' page.  

Why Gardiner, Montana?

Choosing the Right Town for Your Yellowstone Vacation

Gardiner, MT, is located on the border of Yellowstone's North entrance. Gardiner is also filled with lodges, hotels, and other accommodations for visitors looking for an accessible way to tour Yellowstone's natural beauty. Just make sure to book ahead of time. The lodging in Gardiner fills up quickly!

Call to ask about our current services!

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